Review by Georgia

“When her parents leave on a mysterious business trip, Emma Vaile has the perfect excuse to. But when the police crash her party, she finds herself in the hands of a new guardian, Bennett Stern, and swiftly on a plane to his museum-like mansion in New England.”

Deception is the first haunting mystery romance novel in the Haunting Emma series, written by Lee Nichols. The protagonist is Emma Vaile, a teenager who has normal teenage problems, stresses, worries and then some. She can see things, things that other people can’t. Things that see her. Things that speak to her. Things that hurt her. But she doesn’t know anything about them, or her visions. However, now under the wing of her perfect man Bennett Stern, she begins learning about them. But that puts her in more danger, more than she can even imagine. She also seems not to be able to get away from Natalie. A girl the constantly makes her life more of a living hell than it already is…

I found deception a simply wonderful book. Reading from start to begging I discovered some brilliant examples of *foreshadowing. At the start of the book, there were extremely subtle hints of plot line that happened later. Yet I didn’t notice, until I’d found them later in the book. Which is very good as it links the whole book together. Also there were extremely good plot twists, that I found totally unexpected yet captivating. Throughout the whole of the book, things are constantly happening, constantly changing, making sure it is impossible to put it down for even a moment. Which I found extremely good, because I tend to find books very boring quickly, if there aren’t thing going on all the time. As I’m pretty sure other people do also. As well as this, the language in the book is fairly refine. Not so as you cannot understand it, but so as you don’t feel patronized by simple terms. The characters in the book are also written in very well. All the main characters are developed well, so you can relate to them, and imagine the vividly. If Nichols creates an unpleasant character, she makes sure you don’t like them. And if she wants you to like a character, you defiantly will. Which is good as I tend to find, now characters aren’t built up as much. And finally the book ends on an extremely gripping cliff hanger. I can’t wait until I get Betrayal, the second book in the series, so I can see what happens.

However, some areas of the book feel a little cliché, which takes away from the book a bit. As I feel I’ve read the same type of thing before, only with different people. For example Emma at the start moves school. Which is an extremely common way to start a teen/young adult book. And the one other flaw of the book is the end. The cliff hanger it ended on was good, as it willed you to read on. But I felt slightly like the book was unfinished, and that it needed a couple more chapters, just to end it fully. I felt like I had stopped reading half way through something.

Though saying this, I loved the book. And it was the best book I have read for a long time. Something I would defiantly recommend to people who like a romance book, or someone who likes ghost tales. There is something for almost everyone in there. I would give it a solid four out of five stars.

*Foreshadowing – An indication, at the start of the book, of something in the plot that happens at a later point.